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A user-friendly and robust Learning Management System (LMS) is essential to manage an effective learning function.  An LMS should perform the following key functions:

Content management including documents, videos, audio files, eLearning content that complies with global technical standards

Content distribution to departments and employees in an efficient manner

Tracking learning progress

Communication channels such as email notifications, group discussions, chat

Assignments and projects – distribution, submission & feedback

Management reporting

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We assist you in all matters related to LMS


LMS Selection

There are more than 1,000 LMSs available globally of all shapes and sizes.  We help you select the right solution for you, as per your needs and budget.


LMS Assessment

Do you already have an LMS but facing technical issues?  Or do you need to understand its capabilities and suitability to your evolving needs?  We may help.

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LMS Management

We may help you with day-to-day or occasional operational management of your LMS (e.g. content upload, tracking progress, deleting users).

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LMS Optimization

Are you looking to improve the UI or UX of your LMS?  Or do you wish to integrate it with other applications?  We may help.

LMS Analytics.png

LMS Analytics

Are you looking to generate valuable analytics – dashboards and reports – out of your LMS for your learners or managers?  We may help.

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LMS Support & Maintenance

Do you need assistance with technical matters such as data backups, upgrades, integrations and troubleshooting?  We may help.

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